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V Eyelash Extension

SPeyelash® a globally renowned supplier and wholesaler, specializes in premium V eyelash extension that is widely recognized for their exceptional performance and competitive pricing. As an industry pioneer, SPeyelash® is dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality products that consistently exceed customer expectations.

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of high quality V eyelash extension, hoping to help you better understand it. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!


Place of Origin

Shandong, China

Brand Name



Hand Made




V Eyelash Extension

Eyelash material

Korean PBT Silk Material


Customized Package Accepted


18 Styles




Lead time

Quantity (trays)

1 - 5

6 - 1000

1001 - 3000

> 3000

Lead time (days)




To be negotiated


Imported top raw materials:

Using imported high-grade raw materials means the eyelashes are of higher quality and more likely to have excellent softness, elasticity and durability.

Premium materials are generally safer and more user-friendly for people with sensitive skin.

Top-quality raw materials typically provide a more natural, lifelike appearance that is more indistinguishable from real eyelashes.

Use 2mm sticky tape, no sticking and no spreading of roots:

The 2mm adhesive tape is a relatively moderate size that provides enough stickiness to ensure that the eyelashes are firmly attached to the eyelids, but is not so sticky that it sticks to other eyelashes or eyelid skin.

The non-stick properties make it easier and less error-prone to remove and place individual lashes each time.

The feature of not spreading the roots ensures the neatness and beauty of the eyelashes and avoids the mess caused by the spreading of the roots.

Shaped in a 'V' shape, you can choose from the root or top:

The 'V'-shaped eyelash shape can better simulate the natural growth shape of real eyelashes, making it more natural after application.

Whether choosing from the root or the top, it provides users with more choices and flexibility to customize the application of eyelashes according to individual eye shape and needs.

This design also facilitates users to place eyelashes more accurately during use, reducing errors.

In summary, these product advantages of Individual Spike Lashes not only ensure the quality and use effect of eyelashes, but also provide a more flexible and personalized use experience, making it more competitive in the market.

V Eyelash ExtensionV Eyelash ExtensionV Eyelash ExtensionV Eyelash Extension

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