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Russian Volume Eyelashes

SPeyelash®, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Russian volume eyelashes in China, offers competitively priced products that cater to a vast share of the European and American markets. We aspire to establish a long-term partnership with you in China.

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Product Description

SPeyelash® high quality Russian volume eyelashes are a popular type of eyelash extension technique that involves the application of multiple ultra-fine extensions to a single natural lash. Unlike classic extensions, which involve attaching one extension to one natural lash, Russian volume lashes can involve attaching anywhere from 2 to 8 extensions to each natural lash, creating a voluminous and dramatic look.


Russian volume eyelashes made from 100% Korean PBT material offer a superior lash extension experience. Their darker, softer texture provides a luxurious feel and striking appearance, while the wide fans with a unified camber and pointy base ensure ease of application and a professional, long-lasting result. These features make them an ideal choice for lash artists seeking to deliver stunning, voluminous lash looks for their clients.

The extensions used in Russian volume lashes are typically much finer and lighter than those used in classic extensions, allowing for the creation of dense, fluffy lash fans without weighing down the natural lashes. This technique requires advanced skill and precision on the part of the lash artist, as each extension must be carefully selected and applied to create a uniform and glamorous result.

Russian volume lashes are highly versatile and can be customized to suit the client's desired look, whether they prefer a natural, wispy effect or a bold, dramatic appearance. The lightweight nature of the extensions ensures that the lashes feel comfortable and natural, even with the added volume.

Overall, Russian volume eyelashes offer a stunning and long-lasting solution for those seeking to enhance their natural lashes with added volume and fullness. With the expertise of a skilled lash artist, clients can achieve a beautiful and customized lash look that complements their unique features and enhances their overall appearance.


Place of Origin

Shandong, China

Brand Name



Hand Made




Russian Volume Eyelashes

Eyelash material

Korean PBT Silk Material


Customized Package Accepted


18 Styles




Lead time

Quantity (trays)

1 - 5

6 - 1000

1001 - 3000

> 3000

Lead time (days)




To be negotiated

Russian Volume EyelashesRussian Volume Eyelashes

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